While I was in London I spent a lot of time walking around the city, here are some of My favorite Photos from there.

Tower Bridge

Most people think the famous bridge in London is London Bridge, but thats not true its just a normal boring bridge like any other crossing the Thames. The bridge of note is Tower Bridge, this picture is taken from the river front next to the Tower of London.

Public Toilet on a London Street

This photo isn’t quite as artfully done as the one above, but I like it non-the-less since its subject is so different. I noticed quite a few public toilet in other European cities as well but none were as nice as the London ones.

Stongehenge below a dark cloudy sky

While Stonehenge isn’t in London (its in Salisbury), this is my favorite picture from my time there.

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4 thoughts on “London”

  1. hi wow like the tolet pic and the london bridge i never seen a tolet like that before.!!!

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