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  1. I have started using your PEAR package and love it. I am only having a problem with IE. It keeps telling me that the syncproxy is null or not an object. Could it be because the IE doesn’t wait for the included js file to load before it continues with that coded on the page? Is there a way to make the js wait until the previous is loaded?

    Or am I reading it all wrong and its just me 🙂

  2. Jeff:
    I’m not sure what your problem is, but I don’t think its IE not waiting on an include.

    I’m guessing its either, the first request works and then no others (maybe some sort of scope issue i’ll need to see code to help)

    Or things aren’t working at all in IE for you, that could be that I broke something (IE version which example page isn’t work, or your code would be helpful).

    Either way we should be able to get things working for you.

  3. I tried a bunch of things and finally had to take the output from the auto_server and save it as a static javascript file along with the js I had in the head of the document so that it would all load in order.

    Otherwise, I kept getting different messages, synchproxy is null, HTML_AJAX not defined, datasession (my method class).

    I tried to do some object detection to try to wait for the auto_server script to load, but it didn’t work.

    Let me know what code you want to look at, and I’d be happy to provide it.

  4. Jeff, if you could send me the script that isn’t working right for you, and what IE version was giving problems that would great. I’ll debug it and see if I can get a fix in place.

  5. Hi Joshua;

    I am Sinan from Turkey (Turkiye);

    There is some character problem with JSON.

    For example some Turkish characters which are ş,Ş,ğ,Ğ,ı,İ,ü,Ü,ö,Ö not serializing correctly.


    diÄŸerlerinden => die0072006cerinden
    aşağıdakilerden => aad0061kilerden

    Note: I using iso 8859-9 character encoding.

  6. Hi Joshua

    I am not sure if I am posting my question in the right place; however I run into a problem, that I can’t resolve.

    I developed Meeting Room Booking System by using PEAR distribution of the HTML_AJAX 0.3.3. System CentOS Linux, PHP 4.3.9
    After about 10 requests, IE6 and Firefox produce a JS error Request Time Out.

    Error: Request Timed Out
    Source File:
    Line: 1247
    abort: function (automatic)
    if (this.callInProgress()) {
    if (automatic) {
    this._handleError(new Error(‘Request Timed Out’));

    Is this error cased by heavy PHP script calculations and DB calls, Apache issue, or HTML_AJAX JS library?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hello Joshua,

    I was happy to find HTML_AJAX and was well on my way to make a test-application for my office, to show them that Java and WSDL (webservices) are a good way to go.

    However, I got stuck with WSDL-parameters that are unknown to the program. At first I thought the fault lied with nuSOAP, but could not put my finger on it. Then I found that if I used a working WSDL-example, and added just the basic libraries of HTML_AJAX to it, it failed upon inclusion of the code ‘$server->handleRequest();’. As soon as that line is uncommented I get:

    {“errNo”:8,”errStr”:”Use of undefined constant GetChargePlanResult – assumed ‘GetChargePlanResult'”,”errFile”:”c:\\Inetpub\\wwwroot\\soap1\\testx4a.php”,”errLine”:66}

    It seems that all variables are first handled by HTML_AJAX before it’s released to PHP, as it first starts with complaining for
    $doSend = array(AChargePlan => $last,ADirection => $direction);
    where it states that AChargePlan is not recognised (whilest it does work without HTML_AJAX).

    Should I abandon the use of AJAX alltogether, or have you got a quick workaround for this? I would definately prefere the latter.



  8. Marque: By HTML_AJAX handles any warnings from PHP code as fatal by default. You can either fix your code to run under E_ALL, ie quote strings ‘AChargePlan’ or you can set your error reporting level to something lower, and HTML_AJAX will ignore the bad coding style.

    Ask on the mailing list if you have any more questions, you’ll get quicker responses.

  9. Hello Joshua,

    thank you for the quick response. I’ll try to post this follow up also on the mentioned mailing list, but I wont let the opportunity pass on getting the same quick response as I had on the first part of the question.

    I think I failed in posting my question, as I never posted the examply which generated the mentioned error. It came from:

    $doSendUs = array(‘AChargePlan’ => $lastplan,’ADirection’ => $direction);
    $result = $proxy->GetChargePlan($doSendUs);

    Here it returns that the GetChargePlanResult field (which in effect is the return of the called function) is wrong without the quotes, whilst I never pass the return field definition. So adding extra quotes won’t work.

    As with regards to your error reporting level advise: I’ve added the following code at the top of the first PHP:
    However, I still get the error:
    PHP Error: Use of undefined constant GetChargePlanResult – assumed ‘GetChargePlanResult’

    I hope there is an easy sollution to this all.

  10. Ok, I tried the mailinglist twice, but it does’t seem to get out.

    However, it seems I’m closer to the sollution. By commenting out the line
    in AJAX.PHP, I’ve recieved my first WSDL results in an AJAX page.

    Of course it’s not the sollution, as I presume you didn’t write your error handler for nothing, so I’m now probably without some essential checking. So I would like to hear from you if you know of a more permanent solution.

  11. Hi Joshua,

    I’m just starting to use HTML_AJAX and it looks good! But, like Sinan mentioned a few months ago, I’m having serious trouble with extended ASCII chars (e.g. diacritics like ë). When I load a page with extended characters directly they show fine but not through HTML_AJAX. It’s easy to reproduce by putting the text “Pay € 100” (“Pay 100 euro”) in various examples, which will also demonstrate that the output is not always the same:
    – Guestbook: “Pay ⬠100”
    – Shoutbox : “Pay %u20AC 100”

    I’ve tried to find info but didn’t succeed. Do you have any idea on how to get this right?

  12. Thx Joshua for your quick reply. The examples I provided were to demonstrate, but I also can’t use data from MySQL tables in standard latin1-cp1252 Western European encoding. PHP has no problem displaying this *until* the data goes throught AJAX. So, are you very sure that HTML_AJAX really does nothing with the character encoding somehow somewhere?

    Besides that, turning latin1 into UTF-8 seems to be a living hell ( …

  13. Yep Joshua, I understand, and you guys are really doing a great job. Let’s hope HTML_AJAX will support latin1 some day (still is PHP’s default charset, AFAIK). Thx.

  14. Hi,
    I’ve been using HTML_AJAX for about 1week now, and have had a beautiful experience.
    However, I have a question. I understand that the essence of AJAX is the “A” part. If a user clicks on link A and suddenly changes his mind and clicks on link B, where the results from link A and B will show up in the same block[ or id] [ how ] can I abort his first click since he’s clicked on a second one? I hope my question isn’t twisted..:-)

  15. Femi:
    I’m not quite sure what your trying to do.
    Are you tryinng to abort an AJAX request, or stop the JavaScript event from bubbling.
    A real world example would help make it clear.
    Also you might want to try email for futher questions on this since there is less delay on my answers.

  16. I am using HTML_AJAX for a large scale project but we have noticed that everytime ajax executes the memory goes up . This is present in all browsers . So for instance in safari in the activity window you see the number for the controller keeps increasing and the activity monitor shows the memory for safari increasing. How do we prevent this?
    Please help

  17. Ron:
    It could either be a leak in the HTML_AJAX code or a leak in your apps code. The best way to get changes in HTML_AJAX memory usage made is too make a small repeatable example we can use for debugging and then either sending a message to the mailing list or opening a bug.

  18. Question, is there anyway to stop that red loading bar that shows up on top of the screen in firefox and safari? It is really annoying. If we can’t stop it can I control it somehow to show up somewhere else? I am using HTML_AJAX.

  19. Hi…
    Sorry for being out of touch. How do I know while libraries to load? Currently, I use server.php?client=all&stub=all and that loads a 110KB file, but I only use callbacks,behaviors and HTML_AJAX_Util.setInnerHTML.So I’ve tried server.php?stub=all&client=util,main,request,httpclient,behavior
    and that works. However stub=all… is there a way i can find out exactly which ones I use, to prevent loading redundant libraries/functions? Thanks

  20. Ron:
    override HTML_AJAX.Open and HTML_AJAX.Load, they are specified in loading.js so you can just do a custom client list that doesn’t include that.

    There is code in the server to prevent redundant loading of libraries, so as long as you only making 1 client request you should be good.

    What each class does isn’t fully documented yet, but i’ll look into creating some subset keywords, json_rpc etc for performing specific tasks.

    Also if you just want to load everything, html_ajax_lite has all the whitespace and comments stripped which saves about 50K

  21. Joshua, thanks for the help, can you should me an example on how exactly I would go about overriding the HTML_AJAX.Open and HTML_AJAX.Load not sure what a custom client list that doesn’t include.
    Thank you for any help before hand. Ron

  22. Hi Joshua,

    At the moment I am using HTML_AJAX to realize a project which needs something like “livesearch”. I could implement everything I needed until now. I have just discovered a problem which couldn’t be solved by me.
    The livesearch creates an ajax call using the function on every keypress. It’s working great if you do not change the keywords too quickly.
    I need a chance to abort the last request, before sending out the new one.
    If I would be just using the XMLHttpRequest object I could do this by calling the abort() function.
    Is there any chance of doing this after using the call function in HTML_AJAX?

    thanks in advance.


  23. I have a question about how to use HTML_AJAX_Action

    I have read your wiki at

    And some of your book on Safari.

    But I am not sure how it should all work. I have a server.php page and your test clock example working.

    Do the actions go in the server.php page? And how do you call them from your front end html page.

    I am confused as to how they all relate.

    A round trip tutorial would be great.


    Great book and library.

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