Besides writing an AJAX book, I’ve written a number of number of articles on this blog. These articles mainly cover AJAX topics but some are also about PHP in general.

Getting Started with AJAX

In 2005 at the beginning of my AJAX writing career I wrote a series of 3 articles building some Hello World style applications using AJAX. Now these apps do more then just print Hello World but they don’t do anything useful. All three libraries provide RPC style AJAX functionality and these articles focus on that use case. If you want to get started doing RPC style AJAX these articles are a good place to start. Reading all three is also a good way to compare a couple libraries.

Hello World with HTML_AJAX

Hello World with JPSPAN

Hello World with Sajax

In August of 2006 I wrote a pair of articles about upgrading the site for WebThumb using AJAX. This upgrade used mootools and HTML_AJAX. Its a good starting point for someone who is looking for a real life AJAX use case. It also shows some basic polling techniques you can use for keeping data fresh on a site.

Adding AJAX to a website step by step

Adding AJAX to a website step by step Part II

AJAX File Uploads

These AJAX file upload articles are some of the most popular I’ve ever written. They cover the basics of building an AJAX/PHP file uploader that provides feedback using a progress bar. If you just want working code read the first article. The code is pretty robust and should even work without the upload progress meter extension.

AJAX File uploads with a Progress Meter using HTML_AJAX

An older AJAX File Upload Progress article using JPSpan

AJAX Articles

This is a short article implmenting an Object Pool for JPSpan. HTML_AJAX has one built in so I don’t use this code any more. But an Object Pool is still an interesting concept any time you have JavaScript objects that can take awhile to create.

Improving JPSpan Performance with an Object Pool

Question and Answers to AJAX questions. The questions cover a lot of group so its a good place to look if your wondering how to do something. Of course feel free to contact me with any other AJAX questions you might have.

Answers to various AJAX Questions

JavaScript Behaviors powered by HTML_AJAX

JavaScript Behaviors allow you to tie JavaScript to your HTML using CSS selectors. This article covers how to implment them using HTML_AJAX. Its a must read for anyone who wants to write unobstrusive JavaScript, and is especially useful for users of HTML_AJAX.

Image Based AJAX, adding AJAX style functionality without XMLHttpRequest or Iframes

PHP Articles

Using Eval in PHP


An introduction to WebThumb’s EasyThumb features

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