There and Back Again


Webthumb Status Update

There was an Webthumb outage yesterday, the main server Kernel Panic’d and didn’t reboot properly. DNS was switched to the backup server, and for most users there was no noticable change. However there was a bit of database skew between…

Mock Draft

I just completed my first mock draft. I messed up a the running back picks Brian Westbrook and Michael Turner have the same bye week, i also waited too long to get running back 3/4 especially since I foolishly picked…

Re-aranging keys

Having fun with my new camera 🙂 (Yes I used WebThumb to take the snapshot) <webthumb> <apikey>keyhere</apikey> <request> <url></url> <outputtype>png</outputtype> <width>1024</width><!– browser width –> <height>768</height><!– browser height –> <excerpt> <x>420</x> <y>180</y> <height>80</height> <width>350</width> </excerpt> </request> </webthumb>

Home Improvement

With Jen moving in, I’ve been doing a lot of home improvement projects lately. A couple weekends ago it was building a Dog Garden (Thanks Charles and Alex), then hanging a new door so the dogs could have a doggy…