There and Back Again

Webthumb server move has completed its move to a new server. Everything should be running smoothly at this point, but if you run into any problems let me know.

If your dns is slow to update, you can use

8 thoughts on “Webthumb server move

  1. MT


    Fatal error: Class ‘Cache’ not found in /home/htdocs/jeichorn/ on line 7

  2. Ali

    Can you tell me hardware specifications of new server?
    and monthly bandwidth usage?

  3. Yonas

    Your thumbnail generator is the first one I found to actually work for my site, and within a few seconds!

    I’m so happy!!! 😛

    My site is commercial, so I’ll likely need to buy credits in bulk.

    What are the specs on your new server?

  4. Joshua Eichorn Post author

    Ali, Yonas:
    Dual quad-core i7 class processor with 8 gig of ram, and 2tb of storage

    Bandwidth is pretty hard to tell, but its quite a bit these days, i have 100mbit of unmetered so I haven’t looked it much but I’m commonly using 7-10mbit

  5. Yonatan

    After scanning for various screenshots services I found that your webthumb service is the best solution for my needs (hey your service is the only one which actually captured a frame of the video from a youtube video page) but I got one problem…

    I need the thumbnails to be cached at your server but also to be custom sized… as far as I understood the custom size feature is only possible with the Standard API but caching option exist only at the Easythumb API…. is there anyway around this limitations?

  6. Paricio Bustamante M.

    Hi :
    I just want to say , I’m happy with the service.
    You are one on the best about thumbnail services.
    Greeting from Chile
    The best : all is really easy. ( using and paying )

  7. Linn

    The thumbnail for my blog don’t work. It’s like it won’t let the page finish loading and the thumb appears halffinish. How can I fix that? I leave my email of you have the time to answer me any day soon!

    Thanx, Linn