There and Back Again

WebThumb is back up

Once the dns change fully propagates Webthumb will be back up and fully running. If you had a different apikey on the backup instance you will want to switch back to your normal apikey. Your apikey is viewable on your user home page.

More news and a we’re sorry gift of credits will be coming soon.

3 thoughts on “WebThumb is back up

  1. Jonas Eriksson

    Great work, however…

    There seems to be a minor bug in API class Bluga_Webthumb::addJob (checked out from svn). The function only contains on line (line 140):
    Shouldn’t the line be
    $this->jobs[$job->url] = $job;

    / jonas

  2. Jonas Eriksson

    ok, perhaps it should look like
    $this->jobs[$job->options->url] = $job;