There and Back Again

Its Alive

My blog and the rest of my sites are back up again, running on new hardware.

The 2nd backup server/thumbnail processor is still waiting on some heat sinks before it can get installed but now were running on a server with next day dell support.

I’ll have more details on webthumb changes once the dns has been updated. But the biggest difference will be a full time backup API which will be available all the time and support transparent fail over.

The pear wiki, and should be back as well.

4 thoughts on “Its Alive

  1. Firman

    Why everyone seems to be like to shout “It’s Alive!” lately? Including me 😀

    Well welcome back josh, great work on webthumb. Oh I just remember that I currently working on project for css design showcase site for only my country region websites, It would be great if I use webthumb for it, hmm.

  2. Joshua Eichorn Post author

    Webthumb should be back up now too, had to wait for the dns to flip back from the backup server, that was just running the api.