FF Draft is done

I just completed my first real fantasy football draft of the season. I think i had a better mock earlier in the day, but I was in 8th position here (out of 12), and had problems executing my plan from that position.

Here are my picks for the Evil Pigeons, I think the worst aspect is the bye week overlaps on my rb1-2 and wr1-2

  1. (8) Marion Barber
  2. (17) Andre Johnson
  3. (32) Chad Johnson
  4. (41) Earnest Graham
  5. (56) Ben Roethlisberger
  6. (65) Laveranues Coles
  7. (80) Julius Jones
  8. (89) DeAngelo Williams
  9. (104) Derrick Mason
  10. (113) Anthony Gonzalez
  11. (128) Matt Schaub
  12. (137) Green Bay
  13. (152) Owen Daniels
  14. (161) Brandon Jackson
  15. (176) David Patten
  16. (185) Kris Brown

3 thoughts on “FF Draft is done”

  1. Although I am not a huge fan of the Barbarian in the first round, I’d say you put together a strong team here.

    AJ, Ocho Cinco and Coles should be a nice crew at WR for you. Green Bay’s D looked pretty stingy tonight and seemed to go after the QB more than last year — of course, it was preseason, but still. Owen Daniels is a strong TE. Schaub, Kris Brown — are you a fan of the Texans? 🙂

    Overall, I’d be pretty happy taking the team into week 1. As far as bye weeks go, you could look to trade when it gets closer to that time to avoid any problems. Nice draft.

  2. @Jacob

    Thanks for the review. I’m not sure I really liked taking Marion in round one either but I wanted to grab a RB to anchor the team and he seemed less risky then Larry Johnson, Ryan Grant, or Marshawn Lynch.

    I’m not actually sure how all the Texans picks happened I watch them more last year because I had AJ but otherwise i’m not a fan. Also this league has a bit of off odd scoring its a half point ppr league and kickers get extra bonuses for long kicks and a -1 penalty for missing anything under 30 yards. I think that half point ppr should be a nice boost for coles, williams, and mason.

  3. Hi, I did like Johnson for the second round but barber does not get enough carries for the 1st round. Overall a few mistakes but an average draft. Good luck

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