Mock Draft

I just completed my first mock draft. I messed up a the running back picks Brian Westbrook and Michael Turner have the same bye week, i also waited too long to get running back 3/4 especially since I foolishly picked up 2 players with suspensions (Steve Smith, Brandon Marshall).

The only problem with this is I am playing in 2 different leagues with live drafts (Yahoo and ESPN) and neither really match this setup, in one I would need a WR3 and neither have TE in the flex just WR or R so I would be owned with this roster until week 3 when Steve Smith returns.

Here’s what i ended up with (I was pick #3):
R1 P3 RB Brian Westbrook, PHI (7)
R2 P8 QB Tony Romo, DAL (10)
R3 P3 WR Steve Smith, CAR (9)
R4 P8 RB Michael Turner, ATL (7)
R5 P3 WR Calvin Johnson, DET (4)
R6 P8 TE Tony Gonzalez, KC (6)
R7 P3 WR Brandon Marshall, DEN (8)
R8 P8 RB DeAngelo Williams, CAR (9)
R9 P3 RB Felix Jones, DAL (10)
R10 P8 WR Javon Walker, OAK (5)
R11 P3 TE Todd Heap, BAL (10)
R12 P8 QB Matt Schaub, HOU (8)
R13 P3 WR D.J. Hackett, CAR (9)
R14 P8 RB Maurice Morris, SEA (4)
R15 P3 DEF Pittsburgh Steelers, PIT (6)
R16 P8 K Matt Stover, BAL (10)

My week 1 starters would be:
QB: Romo
RB1: Westbrook
RB2: Turner
WR1: Johnson
WR2: Walker
RB/WR/TE: Heap
TE: Gonzalez
K: Stover
DEF: Steelers