There and Back Again

Videothumb addon to Webthumb is alpha

Its new feature time for webthumb again. Today i’m making the alpha release of video thumb.

Videothumb gives you the option of getting back a thumbnail of the video on a given url instead of that page. So if you thumbnail Simon’s Cat ‘Cat Man Do’ you can get
Videothumb thumbnail
instead of
Standard Webthumb thumbnail.

Videothumb gives you a thumbnail from the beginning of the movie (this may change) one from 1 second and one from 5 seconds, and all the normal sizes made from the first first frame snapshot.

To enable videothumb for your requests just add a videothumb tag to yours requests like:


	key here

If a supported video url isn’t detected a normal thumbnail will be created, so you can easily enable videothumb for all your requests.

Videothumb currently only works with youtube but I will be adding support for a bunch of other sites over the next couple days.

Currently videothumb is only available as an addon to webthumb, but may be made available as a separate api with additional features if there is demand.