New code in PEAR2

I got to setup 3 new projects in the PEAR2 sandbox today

Not really what I expected to be the first round of new code, but its nice to be setting up access for people. Oh and remember PEAR2 is targeted at php 5.3 but not everything is namespaced yet since not everyone wants to run snapshots of php for development.

Oh and PEAR Elections are open, 7 people ran for 7 spots so its not all that exciting, but you should vote anyway.

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    just a few weeks ago I asked some folks on a PHP meeting in Zuerich, whether they happen to know the status of PEAR2, but even core devs of PHP did not know.

    So where should I go, if I have a small useful PHP5 library that I’d like to share with others? Making it PHP4 compatible only to get it into PEAR1 is crazy and PEAR2 seemed to be pretty dead.

    Therefor I’m happy to see that PEAR2 is still alive and I’m curious to find out more about the rules you have agreed on.

  2. In a nutshell PEAR2 is namespaced php 5.3 code with a development focus of a sandbox for code to mature (or be removed if it was just a bad idea or never finished) before it gets into the main release channel. The sandbox is open today, ping me if you’d like to get started.

    For the basic PEAR2 rules

    Of course how namespaces actually get used isn’t 100% yet we need some real examples before we set that.

  3. Also PEAR1 has target php 5+ for new code for at least a year, I don’t remember the official announcement, but I do know there aren’t any new php4 packages, just 5

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  5. Its really great to know 5.3 is already being targetted, its concerned me recently that all the new features would simply go unused (easy to see this happening, especially when frameworks refuse to break back-compat).

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