There and Back Again

2 Million Webthumbs

Webthumb generated my 2 millionth web page thumbnail yesterday.

My first million took 564 days
This second million has taken 84 days


6 thoughts on “2 Million Webthumbs

  1. sull

    that sounds like a success!
    i only discovered the service a few weeks ago as the need arose.
    thanks for your recent help with the API… will be experimenting more soon!

  2. dutsi

    Hey I signed up for your service but ran out of thumbnail requests after just 10 ?
    It says that I have reached the limit of 100. I looked around and I could not find another definition of what “Monthly/Subscription Credits Remaining” is defined by, as I have 90 left so I was thinking if the 10 became a 100 somehow.

  3. Joshua Eichorn Post author

    As long as the home page says you have subscription credit or reserve credits left you should be able to continue to make thumbnail requests.

    Send me an email ( with your username and i’ll look into it.