There and Back Again

Re-aranging keys

Having fun with my new camera 🙂 (Yes I used WebThumb to take the snapshot) <webthumb> <apikey>keyhere</apikey> <request> <url></url> <outputtype>png</outputtype> <width>1024</width><!– browser width –> <height>768</height><!– browser height –> <excerpt> <x>420</x> <y>180</y> <height>80</height> <width>350</width> </excerpt> </request> </webthumb>

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-14

Heading home # Its home depot time # Ohio: # Sleeping # The Cause of the Construction: # Start Adding Dirt: # Level Bark and Stones: # Some bark nuggets to help with drainage: #…

Home Improvement

With Jen moving in, I’ve been doing a lot of home improvement projects lately. A couple weekends ago it was building a Dog Garden (Thanks Charles and Alex), then hanging a new door so the dogs could have a doggy…