fastcgi for IIS 6 is out

Last month I had a change to goto Microsofts WebDev07 conference. I haven’t gotten around to doing a write up but Travis did a good one if your interested in what Microsoft has to say to a bunch of PHP guys.

One of the projects I found out about while I was there was fastcgi support in IIS. If your running PHP on windows with IIS this is a pretty big deal since it gives you a stable high performance way to run PHP. I also think its important because its real engineering time by Microsoft on the on project, a real commitment to PHP.

You can grab the bits at:, this release is fully supported by Microsoft which is also kinda nice.

It would be interesting to see some benchmarks comparing the new fastcgi stuff against your other PHP on windows options, but its doubtful I’ll run them since I run all my production on linux.

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  2. saw your tutorial on understanding ajax book chapter 11.. i was wondering if you could make me scripts like this comment form that does not require a user to log in.. i badly need it for my webscripting final project.. i am currently working on my webfolio.. a collection of my works and progress in the school i’m currently attending… hope you reply asap.. (^_^)..

  3. Rlyn: you can easily make a comment form AJAX. You just do an AJAX form submit.

    Since comments are normally moderated you don’t even have to update the page with anything fancy just a message that the comment is in the moderation queue.

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