PNG Support in WebThumb

WebThumb now has the ability to produce PNGs instead of JPEGs for snapshots. The PNGs are about twice the size of the JPEGs but they offer less artifacts and a much crisper thumbnail. Turning on PNG output makes a thumbnail cost 2 credits, to enable PNG output just add an output_type tag with a value of png. And example is shown below.

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3 thoughts on “PNG Support in WebThumb”

  1. This is a really good news!
    The bad news is that they “cost” 2 credits… 🙁

    Compared to full thumb or big size thumbnails this is a big cost.

    A question: What about a full thumb in png?
    Does it cost 2 or 4 credits?

  2. Simone: The good news is once you use any 2 credit feature you get the rest for free. So you can use full thumb and png for the same 2 credits.

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