PEAR2 Unconference

I just got done with my PEAR2 unconference talk. It was well attended and I got some good feedback from Derick about the installer and got some interest from Bill Karwin about adding a PEAR channel.

I didn’t really make slides so I don’t have a lot of info to post.

But I do have a list of new features planed(or already implemented) for the Pyrus installer:

1) no installation necessary. It runs out of the box as a .phar. No go-pear.phar needed
2) most packages can be used without installation, and even upgraded later by Pyrus (try then buy scenario)
3) Pyrus is much more development/production-oriented, and will have a “deploy” command for managing deployment of development code to a production server
4) Pyrus is much smaller than PEAR, and consumes far less memory
5) out-of-the-box supported packaging formats include .tar, .tgz, .tbz, .zip, and .phar
6) PHP 5.3+-based code means it fully utilizes cutting edge PHP features such as SPL iterators, XMLReader/XMLWriter, ZIP extension, phar extension (if enabled), exceptions
7) full application support is available with the new www and cfg (configuration file) roles
8) Pyrus can install just about every PEAR package that uses package.xml version 2.0 without any code change to the PEAR application – you can use Pyrus to manage your PEAR packages as well

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