There and Back Again

ZendCon 2007

I’m starting my second day here at ZendCon, its the first real day of the conference, yesterday was a tutorial day. There were a lot of good tutorials going on, i spent my time in the Zend Certification crash course since i’m taking the test to get my ZCE today (the test was included free with the conference).

From the crash course the ZCE doesn’t seem to hard if your an experienced php5 developer, but it does seem that you need to pay attention when reading the code examples.

I had a chance to talk with a lot of people last night, it looks like the conference is off to a great start, if your here make sure to look me up.

One thought on “ZendCon 2007

  1. Travis Swicegood

    Tell me about the paying attention… I still can’t believe that I don’t know anything about arrays. I may prefer objects to ’em, but still 😉