phpDocumentor 1.4.0 scheduled for release on 7/20

The PhpDocumentor team hopes to release the final 1.4.0 stable feature release on 7/20. If you have test-driven any of the recent pre-releases for 1.4.0 (alpha1, alpha2, RC1, RC2), please let us know any good/bad feedback you have from that experience.

Includes no PEAR items:

Includes these Sourceforge items:
– [1733938] regression: “-” not allowed anymore in converter (file)name
– [1733936] “phpdoc” does not return with error code “0” on success
– [1733345] inline @link tag renders wrong way
– [1722096] DocBlock template example does not work

Includes these PEAR items:
Bug #11409: PHP Notices accompany Global Never Found errors

Includes these Sourceforge items:
– [1724990] @static tag example
– [1724884] object return parameter value
– [1720764] documentation update needed
– [1672589] missing elements, bad links with HTML:Smarty:HandS
– [1634153] require/include with concatenated file name
– [1632496] {@internal}} becomes wrong on documentation
– [1124133] <code> and @include….

Includes these PEAR items:
Bug #10864: PhpDocumentor dies when parsing illegal page-level docblock
Bug #10870: Dead links generated with HTML:Smarty:PHP Bug 10871: Wrong rendering of inline {@internal}}
Bug #10910: DOM templates create incorrect trees
Doc #10914: Can’t use nested tags inside or
Doc #10972: @method does not work
Doc #11032: param type1|type2 not documented
Doc #11143: Provide a Minimal Tutorial File Setup Example

Includes no Sourceforge items.

Includes these PEAR items:
Req #10670: Don't Die on Empty Tag Descriptions
Doc #10675: Clear some errors.html items
Doc #10730: Replace Sourceforge Trackers with PEAR

Includes these Sourceforge items:
- [1647423] memory_limit: bad if-clause
- [1622538] List undocumented classes/functions
- [1602988] Added --ignore-symlinks option
- [1588942] Allow memory_limit setting in phpdoc.ini
- [1588936] Show INI Path at Startup
- [1585840] Refactored RETURNs #3
- [1574047] Refactored RETURNs #2
- [1574043] Refactored RETURNs #1
- [1543289] Apply ignore patterns to subdir of dir, instead of full path
- [1543287] Use predefined PHP env var in phpdoc script
- [1540666] patch for @property, @property-read and @property-write tags
- [1044752] List undocumented classes/functions

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  3. I also posted on SourceForge – looking / hoping for an update on new releases? Just started using Zend Studio on Eclipse and it has PHPDocumentor built in. This is a great tool, but will it be keeping up? Please and thank you.

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