Thanks for your thoughts on improving PEAR

I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post about How you would improve PEAR. You’ll be happy to know that were already working on many of your suggestions, Greg’s post on the subject has some more details. I’ll be sharing everyones comments with the rest of the PEAR group at our meeting on the 13th, so if anyone has a suggestion they haven’t submitted yet thats your deadline.

Out of all the suggestions the one I’m most excited about is starting a mentoring program to help developers get involved with PEAR. This is someone we were already planning on doing so now its just a matter of getting the details taken care of. I’m not sure if will end up with an official sign up for a mentor or some other process but until then, if your interested in getting started as a PEAR developer and want a mentor send me an email and i’ll find a mentor for you.

Also if anyone left a comment and it didn’t show up it got caught in my spam filters. I get about 500 blog spams a day so I can’t easily check the filter for false positives. If you think this happened to you shoot me an email and post again and i’ll make sure it goes through.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for your thoughts on improving PEAR”

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  3. I’m sure this came up already, but just in case, and be it only to add one more voice to the count, I’m all for providing a Wiki for package documentation. DocBook is all good and well from an academic point of view, but it has always hindered writing end-user docs for many, many packages and many people either don’t know how or are simply unwilling to use it.

    A wiki would be a much easier way to add docs, IMHO, leading to more docs being written. Granted, you can’t transform Wiki markup to other output formats as easily as with DocBook, but honestly, how many people need to do that? Personally, I’ve never touched any other documentation format than HTML and I don’t know of anyone who did.

    Should some people insist on having other output formats, I am pretty sure a converter can be written if you really, really want/need one.

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