PEAR elections begin tomorrow

The PEAR elections start tomorrow, if your a PEAR developer you’ll want to read people’s position statements so you can make an informed vote.

I hope these elections will be the beginning of the a rebirth of PEAR. It was a wonderful idea when it started but its been coasting for the last couple years we never did enough to embrace PHP5.

If your wondering what the whole election is about its pretty simple. A month or so again PEAR voted to accept a new constitution. This constitution, created a new position of President (Which only Greg Beaver is running for) and made the PEAR group an elected position (candidate list with position statement follows). The PEAR group’s job is to decide how PEAR should be run and too make this happen.

This election is for a term running May 1, 2007 to May 1, 2008

The following are running for the PEAR Group (Position statements are linked for their names)
Updated April 19th 2:45PM MST

Some people haven’t replied with a position statement yet, so I haven’t linked to it, i’ll update this post as people’s emails make it too the list.

If I didn’t find position statements posts today I added a link to the post the person sent at nomination time.

5 thoughts on “PEAR elections begin tomorrow”

  1. “I hope these elections will be the beginning of the a rebirth of PEAR.”

    Definitely agree on that, I see it as a definite turning point for the project and a good opportunity to bring some new blood into the PEAR community.


    … on a side note, I like the use of the drawer/shelf on your site. I took note because I don’t see too many people using techniques like that. Shaun Inman had similar functionality on his site a while back – which inspired us to use a similar method on

    Your book offered me a springboard into AJAX implementations which enabled the live directory searching within the drawer on 🙂

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