Pear Mirror

Thanks to Greg’s efforts I’m now hosting a mirror of the PEAR channel. At the moment were only mirroring installer data not the entire website but its a start.

Things are still in the testing phase, but the mirror is usable, just run: pear config-set preferred_mirror

Right now we sync the mirrors every 4 hours, so it could be slightly out of date, but not enough to cause problems.

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  3. A mirror takes about 2gig of storage right now, with that amount increasing over time.

    I believe the current uses 300-400 gb of bandwith a month so a mirror is less then that. Currently you have to manually select to use a mirror so unless a lot of people decide to switch to using then usage won’t be all that high.

    I’ll be posting some usage reports in the next couple weeks/months.

  4. C:\Prg\Net\serveur\wamp\php>pear update-channels
    Updating channel “”
    Channel “” is up to date
    Updating channel “”
    Channel “” is up to date
    Updating channel “”
    Channel “” is up to date
    C:\Prg\Net\serveur\wamp\php>pear config-set preferred_mirror
    config-set (preferred_mirror,, user) failed, channel

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