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I haven’t blogged lately but I’m going to try to get with it again. Last month I finished up a big project built on top of WordPress, and then started a new job. I’m doing less PHP coding in my day job for the time being which has been a nice change.

I’ve also been doing a lot more work on phpDocumentor lately, I’ve been mainly been focused on code review since Chuck Burgess has been getting tons of patches ready. We’ve also started planing for 2.0 release, so hopefully will get the large project performance problems fixed in the next 6 months. In the shorter term was almost ready to do a bug fix release, thanks to Chuck’s work a the majority of the outstanding bug have been fixed.

On the HTML_AJAX front there is a 0.5.1 release that is almost ready to go (I fixed a bunch of bugs last week) but it still needs more testing. Because of the testing problems I’ve finally started writing some unit tests for it. I’ve been focusing on the JavaScript side, using jsunit. Hopefully i’ll have enough tests done by the end of the week to feel comfortable about releasing. The code is pretty close to 1.0 at this point, its just a matter of writing tests, finishing the manual and adding a bit of polish. Let me know if your interested in helping out. Polish and documentation aren’t the most interesting parts of Open Source development but its one of the most important parts.

I haven’t got any new AJAX work to a state where I could do a real article but I have been playing around with some new stuff. Last week I started experimenting with Dojo, I wasn’t really happy with the state of its documentation, which is really problematic because of the enormous size of its API but it does have a lot of neat features. What interested me most was its Cross Domain XMLHttpRequest support, Its based on running the XMLHttpRequest requests in a separate IFrame and then loading the results back by modifying the Fragment identifier on the parent document.

I’d also like to point out that there has been that JQuery 1.1 has been released (and a couple bug fixes releases since then). It cleans up the API bit and has some nice performance enhancements. If your using JQuery its an upgrade well worth doing.

I’ve also been working on WebThumb a bit. No big changes but I have worked out all the PayPal integration bugs. I’ve also got enough paying customers to pay for some server upgrades should be done by the end of the month. I was hoping to have a new server running month but I’ve ran into some snags. I have the new server ready to ship to the Co-lo but it seems its all maxed out on power so we can’t use the rest of the space in the rack. Hopefully things will be figured out soon. I’ll be adding at least one new feature to WebThumb this month so if you have some feature you’ve been waiting for let me know, maybe your request will be the next addition.

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  1. Any chance of updating the flash plugin for webthumb? The flash site I tried showed an error saying it could not update flash player.

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