3 thoughts on “Webthumb Contest is Closed”

  1. Hey,
    Just wanted to say this is a great project. I could not seem to locate a contact page, so I am just posting in here. Your service will work awesome and I will be purchasing credits later as I plan to put this into use.

    I have a few comments/questions for you though.

    The project I am currently working on I need to generate thumbnails of webpages, however the HTML is an absolute no no for anyone to get their hands on. With that being said, I need a way to block anyone from accessing the page except your server. Is their a way to do this? (I assume IP address, correct?) As well, we should be able to send a paremter to the request to make the thumbnail “private”, where it will not showup in your list of “recently created thumbnails”.

    I am very curious as to how this will work when it starts to come under a huge load. I cannot have the images generated within a time limit of 20-30 seconds (max) with the API.

    As for a slight bug I found, try typing any strange symbol into into the request RUI with symbols ie ?test=324 and more specifically quotes (single and double). It causes it to break. I know their aren’t suppose to be those symbols in their, just something you might want to screen in the url before processing to keep people from doing “dumb things” 🙂

    Thanks again,
    I look forward to hearing your responses.


  2. For private requests you can block by IP. I am looking at adding fully private requests with http auth support.

    performance wise there is just a queue so if it gets a huge number of requests things slow down for everyone. I should have a major upgrade done in the next couple months which should give me 5-10 times the current capacity.

    Url wise i do screen things, it might just be how im storing the urls or something that is causing the problem, i’ll take a look.

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