New Theme is Live

I’ve finally launched my new theme.

Thumbnail of the new

Let me know what you think, I expect to make some more refinements and to clean up some content yet but the majority of the work is done.

The big new featues are the magic help bubbles you saw on page load. The dock containing secondary navigation, and the new comment styling.

Let me know what you think, and if you see any bugs.

Oh and I only tested things on ie7 and ff so if your running something else and things are totally broken let me know.

19 thoughts on “New Theme is Live”

  1. Believe it or don’t, the bubble promoting your book disappears too fast! I’m a fast reader and I couldn’t get through it even when I deleted the cookie and refreshed the page multiple times to see if it was me reading slowly.

  2. Firefox
    Put your cursor over the right drop shadow in the book image. The bubble blinks!

  3. I love it 🙂 very intuitive. I doubt the adsense ad in the dock is going to get any clicks… but it’s a nice touch!

  4. The ‘understanding AJAX’ title (tooltip, or ALT text) overlays the gray popup. FF1.5.07 on Win2k

  5. @7: Nope, things are still “totally broken” (IE6.0, WinXP SP2, fully patched). Crashes as soon as I get to your site (using FF to post this now).

  6. Looks good…but the colors of the google ad in your extended navigation are sucking extremely 😉

  7. When mouseovering the right edge of the book cover the popup blinks non stop.
    (FF, WIN XP)

  8. somethings gone wrong in the layout especially when viewed in firefox at a resolution of 1024 x 768.
    The header is proper but the body is is displaced by about 200px to the right
    I think the sidebar is amiss as i dont see the sidebar which u have shown in the snapshot. Hence I dont see the magic bubble u have included.

    Regarding the layout color scheme, it is prehistoric.
    Gray shades, black and white images is definitely not in the trends of the colorful layouts users see on the web these days.
    If u still want to go with gray shades wither try matching to the mac OS steel interface expectations. Wish u luck!!

  9. ok now i am seeing it after submitting the comment. As already told it disappears too soon..
    and the menu expander doesnt work smoothly as one would expect

  10. Since you seemed pretty keen on knowing why you weren’t getting the people from your blog to your book website. (I wonder why you wouldn’t want to work on ranking for “Ajax” but it is pretty competitive. But looking at all the high rankers….wow… they are informative….like your book….so if your book IS as informative as the three reviews on Amazon say it is…then simple MARKETING it properly might help you out. SEO is SEM and so on – they are related!! That is why I follow my winning SEO cooking strategy.
    1. Start out by using relevant keywords in the title and meta tags. H1 tags would be good to add extra flavor to the mix as well, sort of to emphasize the less important keywords. ( Looking at yours I’m guessing that you want to be ranked for “Ajax” “Javascript” and “Internet Applications.” Of those the last is the only one with traffic says Overture. And only around 2,000. Try adding ANY relevant keywords into your meta data besides the title of the book. Believe me it will help.)
    2. When constructing a site add as much relevant on page text, or content as possible. If using pictures, alt tag them with relevant keywords just like you do when writing the content. Don’t keyword stuff. (Going over your site I see links to links to links and finally chapter pages. Not really chapter pages but user action needed chapter pages. Since spiders can’t initiate actions they see noting. So to the spiders your site looks like the title tag and meta info, links to various blogs and other sites, and a link to Amazon selling a book.)
    3. Links are king!!! As many relevant inbound links that you can have will help your natural rankings. I always go to as many relevant blogs and websites, and join forums and begin spreading info about whatever. Don’t spam people like you were saying. Add useful info that will spark thought and watch the people come to you. (Looking at your site I see links to the people who are listed on your blog. Even the touted computer weekly mention, doesn’t show up. The reason marketing is involved here is that I am sure that they asked your permission to mention the book, but you should have stipulated that when they publish the article on their site, and finally archive it, a link will be pointing to your site. That would be a huge boost to people coming to your site. But then when they got there the layout would have to be a little less bland to keep them there.)

    These are just a few tidbits of the knowledge that I am giving you. But you should care more about natural ranking than people from your blog going to your book. You want people who are on the internet looking for “web application” “web development” “increase web speed” “XHTML” “HTML” “CSS” and yada yada yada. Themes more termed to buying are the best to insure that when people are looking to buy informative books, your comes up.

    Just as I said, links and content to increase NATURAL RANKINGS are the most important things you need to concentrate on if you are looking at a sale of your book as a conversion. And most people who are on blogs are not buying things because the blog tells them so. They are buying because they look it up on Google or Yahoo! and it shows up as “Relevant.” You gotta love the information age.

  11. Look perfectly with Minefield 3.0a2pre on WinXP SP1.
    And please be informed, crash problem is still in IE6 as on #6, #10.
    Nice looking 😉

  12. Darn ie6, its something in the javascript for the navigation dock. The fact that javascript can so easily crash the browser makes me wonder how anyone even uses IE.

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