New Look

I’ve slowly been working on a new theme for this site.

I think i made some good progress tonight.

Take a look and tell me what you think:

Oh and thats not a link for a good reason, its a week old copy of my wordpress DB and I don’t want it too get indexed.

Also check out a page with a lot of comments, I did a neat layout trick that puts my comments in there own column and things line up so each of my comments is next to the comment its replying too.

I’m not done formatting the content in the comment boxes yet, I want to switch too a x days|months|years ago date formatting style

9 thoughts on “New Look”

  1. I vote for the new look, I think it’s nice and usable. What I would enhance is the hidden menu handle, I could hardly find it.

  2. Artemis: It could be that Opera isn’t working right on the site 😛

    Christine: Where’s it wrong

    gbtekkie: Its an 80x40px half circle target right now, I’m don’t think I can go much bigger without it looking weird.

  3. You might want to put something on that half circle to denote it as a menu. I didn’t realize it was for the menu until I read the comments. I’d also get the menu on the left to come all the way down to the bottom. It looks sweet… 🙂

  4. Travis: Ah but its the super secret menu now :-), Maybe i’ll add an arrow or something.

    The main sidebar still has bugs i’m not if its in the sidebar code in wordpress or from messed up content in posts, but it cuts off after my book’s image a lot.

  5. Looking good.
    The little info bubbles (“buy my book…” and “this is nav…”) flash on and off when I go to other pages though.

  6. I’m using Camino on OS X 10.4.9 and when I click the half circle to open up the dashboard the majority of it disappears until it finishes sliding open/closed.

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