When Blog Spammers Attack

You may have noticed that my blog has been running a bit slower these days. I’ve been getting huge load spikes a couple times a day.

Load Graph of Bluga.net for Dec 14-15

Looking at that and my Akismet counter, its seems im getting 3-4000 spam comment submissions a day. And while the server could handle the load if the spammers were polite about it, its much harder to handle spams coming in 500-1000 spam bursts (less then 1 minute).

I’ve added mod_evasive support to apache but it doesn’t look like things will help since so many different ip’s are being used in the spam attacks. There is nothing like being dos’d by spammers.

I may end up having to rewrite wordpress’s comment submission code in order to get enough performance out of it too handle the attacks. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I moved my comments page and since serving up 404’s is cheap my load is no longer spiking. Now i just need a script that finds 404’s to the old comments page and add them to my firewall.

2 thoughts on “When Blog Spammers Attack”

  1. Have you considered Spam Karma 2? It verifies the spam locally, so you could gain some perfomance, because Akismet has to query a remote server for every comment.

  2. fett: I haven’t but I am getting enough spam that even a 1% decrease in quality would be really problematic

    Might be worth a try if just moving the comment script doesn’t keep the load down though

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