Helping to launch a new Site

Since im at a Web Design Firm these days I get to work on a lot of interesting smaller projects. One of my tasks has been to help launch I didn’t get to do much on the development side just a bit of cleanup, and some code reviews which has been interesting.

bpe uses jQuery for the JavaScript effects, which is a library I haven’t looked at before, but that has a very nice well documented API. I’ve been using jQuery in a couple other projects so chances are you’ll see it show up in a couple articles soon.

3 thoughts on “Helping to launch a new Site”

  1. Yeah, jQuery rocks!
    I use it on pretty much every project I work on now. I think it’s the best tool around to query and manipulate the DOM. The cool effects are pretty nice too. Have you tried the Interface plugin?

  2. Nice website. They have a good balance between the javascript effects and the usability/optimisation of the site.

  3. Laurent: I’ve played a little bit with Interface plugin, looks like a port of scriptaculous to jQuery (hopefully without all the scriptaculous weirdness) its great stuff

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