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Helping to launch a new Site

Since im at a Web Design Firm these days I get to work on a lot of interesting smaller projects. One of my tasks has been to help launch I didn’t get to do much on the development side just a bit of cleanup, and some code reviews which has been interesting.

bpe uses jQuery for the JavaScript effects, which is a library I haven’t looked at before, but that has a very nice well documented API. I’ve been using jQuery in a couple other projects so chances are you’ll see it show up in a couple articles soon.

3 thoughts on “Helping to launch a new Site

  1. Laurent

    Yeah, jQuery rocks!
    I use it on pretty much every project I work on now. I think it’s the best tool around to query and manipulate the DOM. The cool effects are pretty nice too. Have you tried the Interface plugin?

  2. aaron

    Nice website. They have a good balance between the javascript effects and the usability/optimisation of the site.

  3. Joshua Eichorn Post author

    Laurent: I’ve played a little bit with Interface plugin, looks like a port of scriptaculous to jQuery (hopefully without all the scriptaculous weirdness) its great stuff