HTML_AJAX reaches beta

Yesterday we released HTML_AJAX 0.5.0

It contains lots of bug fixes and a couple new features, but the biggest change is this means were commiting to a stable API. Between this release and 1.0 will be in a feature freeze, focusing on improving documentation and fixing any problems.

You can upgrade by running pear upgrade HTML_AJAX-beta

2 thoughts on “HTML_AJAX reaches beta”

  1. Hi Sir, i hope we can fix the problem on the example here:

    It causes errors on IE6 “Error: Object doesnt support this action”. I’ve already research my way on the mailing list, FAQ and googled around. But to no avail.

    I am still a beginner in AJAX, and trying to find a solution on the MenuExample problem on IE6.

    Thank You

  2. I didn’t write the code but anyhow.

    Never use
    for(var i in element) {
    for something that has a length property.

    for(var i in) loops of the properties of an element, if the element is an array if has properties like length, etc and it has numeric indexes that contain the values your looking for.

    I updated menuhandler.js on the server.

    The for loop in _emptyMenuItems becomes
    for( var key = 0; key < menu.options.length; key++ )

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