Webthumb adds login and quick submit

I’ve upgraded webthumb, adding in login support and given logged in users the ability to quickly submit multiple webthumb requests. Logged in users also have a recent thumb bar on their user page, and will be getting more historical features over time.

I’m also getting close on the API front, in reality its really already there, since you can submit requests using AJAX. Mainly I need to figure out a general authorization plan, and get a the code exposed in a formal way.

To check out the new webthumb features register and then login and visit the user page.

Also also still trying to figure out what the terms of service will be on the API. I’m currently thinking about 200 thumbnails free and then $.05 per thumbnail after that. I will be rolling things out for testing purposes without any commercial options, but your feedback would be appreciated if your interested in generating a large # of thumbnails.


This came up in the comments, and I responded there, but i think it makes sense to update the post as well.
AWS sells thumbnails are a much cheaper rate. My reasons for the higher rate are:

  • Thumbs of sites how it looks today
  • More thumbnail sizes
  • Thumbnails from any url

What sort of premium do people think thats worth, or are these mainly the type of features people want for low use activities.

5 thoughts on “Webthumb adds login and quick submit”

  1. For pricing, you might keep AWS in mind, since they have an API for “Alexa Site Thumbnails” with a rate of $0.0002 per thumbnail. (A cost of $0.05 per thumbnail is 250 times more expensive than Amazon’s offering.)

  2. Chris:
    Yeah i guess the question there, are the features im offering worth it. AWS offers you thumbnails that they’ve taken at there last crawl of the web. In my checking that means usually an monthly update.

    Webthumb offers the following on top of AWS:
    Thumbs of sites how it looks today
    More thumbnail sizes
    Thumbnails from any url

    What is doesn’t offer:
    Immediate thumbnails, getting your thumbnail is an async process since were making it of the site while you wait.

    So i guess the services are similar but not the same, but its a certainty that even aws can’t sell thumbs of any site at the request time for only $0.0002 per thumbnail.

  3. Good points. 🙂

    Personally, both services seem so cheap that I’d go with whichever offers better features. For volumes where the cost difference matters, I’m not sure what features would be important.

    Out of curiosity, are you hoping to make much money from this project?

  4. Chris:
    I’m not hoping to make much money, but it would nice for it too pay for a server to run itself on. Of course I wouldn’t mind if its crazy popular and makes tons of money, but im not sure that the market is there.

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