Understanding AJAX example code now available

All the code shown in Understanding AJAX is now available from understandingajax.net. You can run the examples on my server or download them and set them up on your own. If you run into any problems leave a comment on this post.

15 thoughts on “Understanding AJAX example code now available”

  1. I tried the chapter 12 example (registering) at your site and it gave me a very specific error message which you may want to disable (you don’t have INSERT permissions or something)

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  3. I was able to run the examples on your server but when I tried to run it from my own descktop, I received the “HTTP error making request[0]” error. What set-up do I have to do? Thanks!

  4. Hi Joshua,

    I’m trying to set up the chapter 12 example on my machine but I cannot find the Ticket.sql anywhere from the understandingajax.net site. I’m wondering whether you can make it available and send it to me.

    I really enjoy your book. It is great.


    Colin Ma

  5. Hi I would like to have a walkthroght to set up and run you samplw ticket from chapter 12, please give me some help step by step, thanks for your support.

    If any of you guys already set it up please feel free to contact me so I can get some help in the process.

    Thanks a lot Tony

  6. Can you email me where the source code for “Understaing Ajax” book is? I tried understandingajax.net, but it was not available. Get “Fedora Test Page” error. I am reading your book and want to try out some sarissa ajax code from chapter 8.

    Thanks Dan

  7. Can’t see any source code on understandingajax.net ….

    Any chance on getting the source code for the book from somewhere else?

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