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  1. Hi,
    is there an AJAX technique that allows to create a table or grid connected to database that is populated automaticly with the new records when they are added to the db ?


  2. Hani:
    You the answer is yes

    So you can create AJAX powered tables or grids, getting a real smooth UI for scrolling etc isn’t easy but the DOM has all the power you need to get things built.

    Fot automatically populating updates you have 2 options, you can poll the server on a regular basis, updating the table when there is new info or you can look into a technique called comet, which leaves a connection open to your server.

    Polling is easier to implement, scaling to large sites which option is best is a hard call.

  3. Hi Guys,
    I have problem with Ajax Extender Toolkit. I design website with microsoft asp.net 2008 and microsoft expresion web but when I use of the extender in microstft asp.net 2008, my web expresin creatre error of it how can I solve tihs problem?

  4. Behrouz: I don’t use the microsoft stack myself so I don’t have any suggestions off the top of my head. That said from what i’ve heard from the Expression guys the microsoft ajax code should work just fine with it.

    Do you have a specific question?

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