4 thoughts on “My Webthumb Status Screen :-)”

  1. Wow, now that would make a great wallpaper. Is the status screen dynamically updating as new thumbnails get created?

  2. this function is great…but sadly it only support using firefox…

    is IE have no way to support it?

  3. Laurent:
    The dynamic screen isn’t publically available since im just loading all the images into the browser, and I don’t want to put that load on the server.

    I’ll have to look into another method for building the collage in order to do a constantly updating version.

    I’m not sure what you mean by no IE support.

  4. My meaning is….capture the screen function is provide by Firefox plugin right?

    Sadly sometimes the same website will have different layout when viewing by IE or firefox. So I would like to capture the screen by IE more than firefox. But sadly this function is only for firefox, and I think IE hasn’t got this kind of function.

    That is what I mean.

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