Webthumb updates

Webthumb got off the ground yesterday without too many problems. It ran into problems right out of the gate since a large number of sites don’t seem to want to finish loading correctly. I was able to fix this by adding an extra timeout handler to the browser code. If we stop making progress loading a site for 5 seconds we just give up and snapshot what is currently loaded.

I also updated the server config, Webthumb now supports flash (version 7), and has a lot more fonts installed so sites that need non-latin characters should be working correctly.

My current feature goals are:
Better Url’s, something like /thumbs/url/time
5 minute cache on thumb generation (if anyone else has requested the same site in the last 5 minutes just return those images)
A way to get a thumb of a site without going through the queue, if its already been generated
A way to search for current thumbs
User accounts with:
Snap at time
Snap recurring

I’m also looking at prototying and API for access, though it may require paying a fee to use.

If you have any feature suggestions or input on an API leave a comment.

52 thoughts on “Webthumb updates”

  1. Hello, first of all thank you for providing such a great application. I have been using it extensively to provide image previews of ppl’s weekly schedules so that they can post it on their newsfeed for facebook.

    I had purchased 15,000 credits to handle the number of requests, but after the month had finished it seems that they do not recharge like the standard 250. I was wondering if this is standard, and if so will you be offering purchase options for rechargeable points. paying 100-150 every month adds up, and I don’t know if I want to continue doing that for my ever-growing user base.

    Thanks a lot, I hope to be able to continue using your services in the future.

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