The Future of Internet Explorer

Notes from MIX:
This is a panel discussion on the future of IE.

Lots of guys from outside of Microsoft, and a couple of the major IE guys.

  • Andy Clarke – Web standards project
  • Dean Hachamovitch – IE General Manager
  • Molly Holzschlag – Web standards project
  • Eric Meyer – That CSS guy
  • Mike Rowan
  • Chris – Long time IE dev


Dean’s Stuff were going to do:
Great Standards platform, layout script
Safety – security trust
end user experience

Dean’s Balance points:
Is the user in control or is the developer in control

  1. Standards vs Compatibility (example ssl following the rfc broke many lists)
  2. Security vs Compatible
  3. Security vs End user experience (SSL when you just have an IP)
  4. Simplicity vs Control
  5. Frequency of Updates

Multiple versions of IE, running multiple, IE as a critical update

Talked about Web standards project working with Microsoft
Wants lots of communication

More communication, IE6 is the new Netscape 4
Implement the CSS3 modules that make sense
CSS3 selectors
Color/Background module

Wants to see more security improvements

Happy about web2.0 platform
Wants to see the standards core grow

I someone managed to lose the rest of these notes.

On a whole I’d say people complained a lot. When they had a chance to ask questions. The IE team answered well, but I’d have to say Microsoft seems focused on updating the browser. Obviously they won’t be updating everything tomorrow, but they do have ie7 and two more updates currently in the works.