Next Generation Browsing

Presentation by Dean Hachomovitch, IE General Manager

IE: 1195-2001

1.0 August 1995
4.0 October 1997
6.0 Oct 2001

Asleep since then

“We Messed Up”
Microsoft gets that we want updates to IE
A promise to deliver

The goal:
great browser experience
customer confidence
rich site experience

IE7 Beta 2 Preview
Build 5335 For Windows XP SP2

Great Browser Experience

IE7 UI changes
Minimal chrome
User configurable search bar
Uses the Open Search standard (developed by A9)
Automatic discovery that a site provides search
Search can be used just while there on the site or easily added to your search engine list

Quick tabs features, thumbnail view tab management (around the same thing as the Reveal extension for FF, but I think does it better)

Printing with shrink to fit that actually works, easy to change margins graphically, good multiple page view
Page zoom, graphics work correctly

Customer Confidence

People change security settings to make certain sites work.
IE7 gives you a message on start when your have unsafe settings and makes it a single click to fix things

Survey showing people cutting back in using ecommerce because of fear

3 Layers of fraud detection
Phising Filter
High Assurance Certificates

Fullscreen warnings that happen before the page even loads when url doesn’t match cert
if you goto the site it then runs the phishing filter, red address bar
If you goto a site with a High assurance cert you get a green address bar, more info available from clicking right next to the address bar

Info card is a way to remove username/passwords as a way to authenticate
didn’t give details but it looks to be replacing it with a crptographic system
Infocard fades the desktop when your using its selection UI, making it harder to fake

A card can be tied to data on the server, can be any type of informaiton, card contains a list of what type of your grabbing.
InfoCard uses open web services protocols

Rich site experience

Windows Presentation Foundation


CSS Goal, making every day better for every developer

Uses position is everything for demos of fixes

Note just bug features but also new features

Also uses Eric Meyers CSS/Edge


Goal is to make RSS more mainstreme
RSS detection, nice feed viewer, subscriptions to the windows common feed list
Newgator has support for synchronization between your local common feed list, and its online aggregation list

Feed browser supports a filter/search box
A feed can set how it should sort the list using the simple list rss extensions
Yahoo/Amazon/Google already use the simple list extension

Easy to make a flikr RSS feed be a screen saver


AJAX made easy

I didn’t stay for the rest, I was hungry