Bill Gates Keynote

These are my notes from the keynote, i’m not sure i’ll keep such good ones for the rest of the conference, but they give you a good idea about Mix is about.

Bill Gates

Started out with a bit of humor, searching You Tube for Bill Gates. An amazing number of funny videos.

Focued on the new experience’s of the web, new technologies, new devices. 2 foot experience vs the 10 foot experience (PC vs Media center PC on the big screen). Browser and going beyond the browser.

Next Generation Browsing
Need to make browsing a richer experience, hard at work on IE7, very significant release.
Streamlined user interface, tab, zoom, better printing
Security (current browser is down the learning curve in rich media security), IE7 runs in low rights mode. Opt-in for all active controls, blocking phishing using patterns (replication service). Shows how long a site has had an SSL certificate. Using technology to prevent social attacks.
Development platfrom, css, transparents pngs, especially new RSS.

New release is out today (from last night this release is layout complete)

Expecting big uptake on IE7, will be the only option in Vista, people are willing to update there browser.

“We wanted to long for a browser release”
Already working on the next two releases, releasing faster then the standard windows release cycle

Have added Simple extensions
RSS usage will explode, going beyond just text, photos, podcats
Start of the programmable web, ebay is the example of the extreme of this.
Async communications, messanging making people think differently about what is possible
ws-*, windows communication framework, industry support for strong standard
Ray Ozzy, websites being modular, specilization, working together

How interactive are they
without JavaScript not at all, JavaScript driven development is a super valuable approach
Atlas is microsoft’s development platform
1997 started Microsoft’s support for this, Outlook web access was Microsofts first big app to use it
InfoPath, Excel features pushed to the browser
Atlas works with any modern browser, focused on but works without it
Atlas has been released for production usage today.

Atlas raises the floor
WPF raises the ceiling
Exploits video card features, but you don’t have to worry about the GPU
declaritive model

Beyond Browsing
Rich client code that focuses on user experience
Extensibility to have code run on the client without Microsoft Office

Media Center
48% of retail PC’s in December shipped with Windows Media center edition (Yeah i’ve noticed all the adds too)
XBox360 Windows media center extender

Mobile environment
Variety of devices, showed the new palm windows mobile device. Showed a new motoralla device that looks a lot like a blackberry with a bigger screen.

Oragami device
Showed a samsung Oragami device
full windows, focus on pen computing

New generation of Software
Live software
Internet driven, can connect to other sites, Microsoft’s focus is on building a platform to make this happen. Seems to be a focus on the services coming from Microsoft. Multiple devices different users interfaces, but a still consistent.
Platform facilitates lots of different business models.

the new Expression tools

Two examples

MySpace, Aber Whitcomb CTO

65 million registered users
growing at 260K users per day
#2 trafficed site on Internet
Sql Server 2005, 2.0
Brought together all the features on other social sites into myspace at 9M users, big performance gains
17M members middle tier with cache, using 64bit of to increase amount of ram
26M members switched to 64big sql server 2005

Lot of legacy ASP code, upgrade to new code has been huge speed up

Showed the new MySpace gadget for Windows Vista. Same login from the gadget too the browser (im guessing thats ie7 specific?)
Using Atlas to make a rich profile editor, just a basic drag and drop feature. Great improvement for MySpace, but i’ve seen much better UI’s for customization.


Ashley Highfield Directory of New Media & Technology
BBC is a huge content site, large consumption of rich media as well as standard news articles.
Distribution costs falling on the web, 7million pounds for a terestial TV station, 700K for a satellite, 70K for a web based station using Peer to peer and multicasting.

Quality of service, doesn’t matter for news, but matters for drama
Multicast for streaming
Download for normal peer to peer

Digital Rights Management, easy for the audience
1 Week free in the UK, after that pay
In the US always have to pay

Look at ease of use, Windows Vista BBC Gadget
really neat overlay right on the desktop, live search right on the desktop
Really nice features available from Vista UI wise, gadets may push people’s browsing experience out of the browser
Showed planet earth off the media center, nice Hi-def. Downloading hi-def is amazing, once the BBC starts offering it, there going to be getting some of my money.
BBC’s major challenge is getting there entire archive online