I found an interesting project reading planet gnome today. It seems someone has written a PHP compiler for mono. Its hard to tell how far along the project is, since the focus seems on doing mono-ish things in PHP rather then running PHP apps on mono. But the project is open source (GPL) and it does let you use PHP within the wider mono world so thats pretty cool.

Of course that brings up the question, does anyone really want to use PHP inside a managed runtime like mono. I can see the advantage of using PHP to make a GUI app using mono’s gnome stuff since it would be less to learn (if thats actually true) but what would I gain running my web apps using mono, besides less compatability.

Also I know there is the Phalanger project but its not open source so im not interested in looking at it at all.

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  1. I wouldn’t get my hopes up until it’s completed. On the positive side, maybe there’s another use for it.

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