Cleaning up bugs

I woke up this morning with 52 emails from Sourceforge. Nothing like being huge loads of bug spam because Greg is working on cleaning up phpDocumentor bugs.

Anyhow I just wanted to thank Greg, and make a couple notes about what good bugs contain.

phpDocumentor Bug submission guide:

  • phpDocumentor Version
  • PHP Version
  • OS Version
  • How your running phpDocumentor, CLI, CLI+ini file, Web interface
  • Instructions on howto reproduce the error
    • A simplified set of code to parse that produces the error
    • How you have phpDocumentor configured, an ini file being the prefered way rather then a mile of command line parameters

Oh patches for bugs are more then welcome, just make note that phpDocumentor 1.3.x development is taking place in PEAR cvs so make it against that.