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HTML_AJAX 0.3.4 is released

HTML_AJAX 0.3.4 was released today, it contains lots of bug fixes so if you use HTML_AJAX you’ll want to upgrade.

Release notes and testing results are available on the wiki, and the examples are available online if you want to see some of the basic features.

I’m hoping to do a beta release soon, so if you have time to help with an API review please get a hold of me.

2 thoughts on “HTML_AJAX 0.3.4 is released

  1. Khalid

    What’s the license for use on this package? Is it free for commercial use?

    Nice package so far – looks to be developing nicely 🙂

  2. Joshua Eichorn Post author

    HTML_AJAX is available under the lgpl making it free for any use. Your only requirement is to make available any changes you make to HTML_AJAX.