PHP Conference in London

The PHP London user group is staging the UK’s first dedicated PHP conference on Friday February, 10th 2006. It looks too be a well planned conference with lots of great speakers. The talk by Harry Fuecks about AJAX and what he has learned creating his JPSpan project looks really interesting. So does the security talk by Christopher Kunz.

Last year while I was living in London I got to take part in a number of PHP London meetings and it was great fun. Im sure this conference will be a lot of fun as well given all the great people involved. Its really nice to community driven conferences take place, hopefully a successful conference in London will prod other user groups into action as well.

I won’t be able to make it too the conference since I don’t have time for that much traveling but if you’re in the UK (most of Europe too for that matter) it should be a great event.

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