Looking for HTML_AJAX Success Stories

If you’ve used HTML_AJAX to make something cool I’d like to hear from you.

If what you’ve created is publically accessible that would be even better.

Just leave a comment on this post saying what you’ve created and given a link to it if you can. Any suggestions on improvements that would make further development easier are also appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Looking for HTML_AJAX Success Stories”

  1. Dotgeek site is Powered by HTML_AJAX on the http://dotgeek.org/?action=Freehost for username availability check. It’s more smart than the stupid MSN username availability check. 😉

    Also, Dotgeek Administration page (non-public page) using HTML_AJAX too, just like Gmail, we review the freehosting applications request without jump to another page.

    Yeah, Go HTML_AJAX go!

  2. Thanks for link too. I not finished learning domesticate AJAX, and it’s really helps. Thanks again.

  3. I’ve been developing a new Portal for our organisation and have been implmenting ajax into all of my sections that have search/restrictive capability.

    The portal also includes financial reporting to more then 200 “committees” within our organisation, so i will use ajax for changing these reports on the fly based on their date changes etc.

    From what i can see, its a fantastic, easy way of doing it. I’ve only spent a couple of hours today and have it implemented in 8 parts of the site. Once I develop the other sections i will be using it for different bits.

  4. i used ajax_html for simple formhandling, posting forms data and dynamic image gallerys. since i never found a ready-made script for this i thought it was kind of cool 🙂

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