phpDocumentor 1.3.0RC4 is released

I’m not all that active in phpDocumentor development anymore, but thanks to help from Andrew Morton, Greg was able to get a release out.

I pushed the bits out to the sourceforge site this morning, so hopefully everyone who is looking for the new release will find it. Thanks for everyone who has sent in patches or signed up on the mailing list looking to help out. I know its a big bunch of code to get started on, but if you got some time and want to help out, there are lots of bugs left to triage, and clean new phpDocumentor 2.0 development to do.

Short Release Notes

This release fixes problems with php 4.4.x, 5.0.5+ and 5.1.x

A number of other bugs were fixed see the release notes for details.

Available from PEAR or from Sourceforge

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