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  1. Nice slideshow joshua, gives a clear view on what ajax is. Could be expanded with some graphics, explaining where HTML_AJAX exactly is to make it even better. Did you use the slide show technique from ALA ?

  2. Do I have to install extra stuff to get html_ajax to work? Because I don’t get it working. The examples also don’t work. For example: example3 in the slides gives me an error like this “remoteExample is not defined”. I’ve tested it with php4.4.0 and php5.0.5 on an Apache2 server
    The example “proxy_usage.php” also gives an error like that “test is not defined”

    thx in advance

  3. the proxy usage is a php5 error, the 0.2.4 release fixes that, im not sure what your other problems are. If you could run the server page include just by itself you can find the root cause of the other errors.

  4. Actually now that i think of it, all the problems your having should be fixed by upgrading, im pretty sure you got hit by a couple 0.2.3 bugs

  5. Ok, thx. It’s fixed now. I got it working on one pc with updating to 0.2.4, on the other one it worked after I put the error handler E_STRICT to E_ALL in my php.ini file.

  6. The team has built up to the point that we get wider testing before each release so that helps too. Case vs Caseless is a huge source of bugs

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