HTML_AJAX 0.2.3 Released

This release is a mix of bug fixes and new features.

There shouldn’t be any reference bugs left so those of you running on php 4.4 or 5.1 should be fine now.

The only item that should cause you problems is that php 4 exports method and class names to JavaScript lowercase while php5 does it in the specified case. So if you want php4 and 5 compatability you’ll need to specify the methods to export. A lowercase all option is on the list of things to do.

There is now a append util function on HTML_AJAX
New HTML_AJAX_Debug and HTML_AJAX_Helper classes, look at the examples to see there basic use
HTML_AJAX_Server::registerJSLibrary added to allow you to use the same server class to export you own js libs
multiple client libs can be combined into a single request server.php?client=main,httpclient,customlibname (see helper_usage.php in examples for details)

The default loading implementation has been moved to its own javascript file. If you don’t want the default implementation just don’t include this lib. The implementation has also had a half second timer added so it only shows on slower calls, so if your using it on intranets, you won’t see if for your really fast calls.

Start on a serializer built on php’s serialize call. Be aware this hasn’t had much testing and that it has security issues in older versions of php (bug in unserialize call) and may never work correctly with multibyte characters until php6, but it may be faster and like any serializer its optional.

I’m sure there was some other stuff too. Also like any OpenSource project were looking for more help, including people willing to work on docs, do core development, and auxilary classes for items like template or framework integration. Some widgets may also find there way into HTML_AJAX as optional components so if your interested in writing any let me know.