HTML_AJAX 0.2.0 Release

HTML_AJAX 0.2.0 is out. There were a number of changes most of them on the JavaScript side.

The code is now released on the lgpl so thoses of you with GPL apps should feel comfortable using it now.

I don’t have time to write another tutorial showing off the new changes but if your looking a good place to start is with the new HTML_AJAX_Request class in JavaScript. All AJAX requests happen by creating an instance of this class and then running it through HTML_AJAX.makeRequest. If your looking to integrate your own complex widget this is the place to start.

The changelog has some more information.

Also im hoping to get the PHP side fully stabilized soon so we can move to a beta. If anyone has time I would appreciate an API review, mainly on HTML_AJAX and HTML_AJAX_Server.

Finally i’d like to drop the PHP dependency to something lower then 4.3.0, if you’ve used HTML_AJAX on 4.2.x or something else let me know. Once i’ve had confirmation it works i’ll lower it.

The roadmap has also been updated

12 thoughts on “HTML_AJAX 0.2.0 Release”

  1. Well build.php doesn’t actually ship, and there is no instanceof, i belive that that the mbstring stuff is optional, so that should mean 4.0.6 is my real dep?

  2. Are those “alert(‘throwing the exception’);” messages really necessary? I get one in IE (not in FF) and when displaying the e.message too I get ‘self.callback’ is empty or no object (translation from Dutch).

  3. Josh,

    Unless you use superglobals, which the script doesn’t check for. In which case its 4.1.0

    The checking of PHP 4 stuff is pretty rock solid, taking all the data from the manual. Its the 5.x stuff that causes some problems. 🙂

    – Davey

  4. Hi Josh, David

    Do you have a mailing list created for HTML_AJAX? (aside from the pear lists)

  5. hi josh

    a mailing list might be helpful if you’d like to leverage other developers’ input/patches.

    there are a couple minor issues I’d like to raise – for example, in my application, I’m exposing DB_DataObject classes with HTML_AJAX – one of the methods in the DB_DataObject base class is called ‘delete’, which is also a Javascript reserved word. I hacked a patch into an extended HTML_AJAX class but as I thought more about it – it might be useful to others to have the base class compare method names with a list of Javascript reserved words and throw an exception, or provide a facility for creating a function mapping – but of course I’m not going to make any changes to the base classes without approval from the leads for a patch..

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