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Updating my blog today got me thinking about what the other planet-php blog out there looked like. I was in a great spot to do a quick overview since I happened to have a script that makes the thumbnails using an embedded mozilla (this script is a long story but sufice it to say this was a nice simple one in python, but I have have a little c++ app that uses mozilla to make pdfs).

After that it was just a matter of getting a list of all the planet-php websites, oddly enough planet-php doesn’t export this list in any xml format that I could find, but since the DOM extension in php5 can load up HTML it wasn’t a big deal. I just copy and pasted the source for the list into a file and I was ready to go.

After that it was just waiting, and fixing problems. The main ones where George Schlossnagle’s blog which always even though I could load it in my browser and Harry Fuecks’ phpPatterns site since it seems to be dead. Other then that it was just cleaning up escaping.

And now for the fun part, take a look at thumbnails of everyones sites.

At some point I’d like to move this python code over to my C version and then setup a page to give anyone the ability to make thumbnails but, since each running script requires its own Gecko engine i’m afraid i’ll kill myself performance wise.


This little project was the beginning of a long journey, I have a webpage thumbnail service now with an API, if you want to do something similar check it out.

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  1. That works pretty good. I would love to be able to do that myself. Can you email the script when you get it finished or available for others to use?

    Don Laur

  2. At some point I’ll be doing a GPL release of the C version that also creates pdfs (well ps files actually you combine it width ps2pdf for the pdf part. But I need to work on packaging it yet since its kinda of a pain to hack makefiles to get a compile to work.

  3. Well done, it’s really beautiful ! 🙂
    And sure all the PHP community will love it if you can distribute this script. Anyway good luck for the future…

  4. I have no clue when i’ll have time to work on this code again. If someone is looking for the code give me an email and i’ll see what i can get around for you.

  5. hi, do you have free copies of your code in PHP?.. Coz im looking for some possible codes for that.. can you help me?

  6. Hi Joshua,

    i am curious to see some of your code to do the screenies. I have made my mind up to that a lot of times but no clue for a solution.

    Would be nice to hear from you.

  7. Hello,
    I could privide you host for your scripts to make your service for free. If you interested let me know. As I understand it’s C program for linux and some files from Gecko. Am I right?

  8. Hi folks, I’ve just finished the script that you are looking for – it’s a PHP script utilizing a C++ coded DLL. Check out or simply go to to see it in action. Pretty fast, output and capture size adjustable, snap the whole screen ( not only the browser specific visible part ), adjust quality etc.

    Have fun

  9. Hi
    Its very good. Can you email me original php script for building thumbnail of websites.
    – Binu

  10. Great script 🙂

    Could you email us or provide it by download on your website ?

    Thank you…

  11. I’m sorry to disappoint you guys, but the script is not gpl in a common way – you can use it for free, but the source and the dll keeps on our own – for this purpose set up – server.

    If you use it, it would be nice if you could place a backlink to

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  13. I found that the best service for thumbnails is given by, their thumbnails are the most updated and they have a free service.

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