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I got tired with the look of my blog so I updated it. I’m not 100% sure i like all the changes Mainly with how the lists on each side of the content turned out.

The site is optimized for higher res monitors and doesn’t work without horizontal scroll at anything less then 1024×768, but hey geeks read this site, they should have some resolution. I guess I should be concerned that this pushed my Google ads off those same none wide screens, but I guess thats the tradeoff for more room for content.

Anyhow tell me what you think, biggest thing im worried about right now is the light gray background the main content area is one. All that white seemed like too much but now the gray seems worse.

And yes the header is 1400px wide because thats the width of my laptop screen and I didn’t want to look at it running out while I was reading peoples comments.

I fixed a number of things people pointed out. I ended up cutting the width of the sidebar by 5px and the main content area by 40px. This gives you all the main navigation and content at 800px wide. You’ll still have to horizontal scroll to see the archive/category links, but I like this better then the huge single bar especially since that part of the nav isn’t that important. I also shrunk the textarea to fix in the content box, and moved the ads below the navigation on the right. I can also play around with them if the new placement means I get fewer clicks.

5 thoughts on “New Website”

  1. I browse at 1024×768 and it scrolls. I never browse with my window all the way expanded, so I miss hlf of the content.

    Plus the google ad block covers part of the textarea that I’m writing in.

  2. Well i think you should reduce the width size of the middle column. Furthermore you should sligthly emphasize the titles of the left and right column. If you chose width reduced google adds, you can place it in the right column under the categories.

  3. Guess i need to fix the textarea problem. I kinda expected the lower resolution screens to just drop the right right column and ads. Maybe I need to make the content area slightly narrower as well.All the code sections makes things look best with a larger content area.

  4. Joshua, please fix the links, i would like to see them in the “hover” state when they are not hovered, if you know what i mean. Links are pretty unclear on a Dell TFT screen 🙂

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