azPHP August meeting wrap up: Beginners Guide to PHP + a Short Introduction to PEAR

azPHP had its August monthly meeting on tuesday. We were trying a new approach and a beginner and a more advanced presentation in the same night. We had a lot of new people there so I guess it worked.

a Beginners guide to PHP

Alex Dean gave a Beginners guide to PHP presentation covering interaction with data from the browser. He covered the basic super globals $_GET, $_POST, $_SERVER, and $_COOKIE. He also made a sample form and showed how to use it. The plan was also to cover using mysql but sadly we ran out of time. I think for future introductory presentations will use handouts as well as slides/example code that way people won’t have to spend so much time writing notes.

Alex did the presentation in a interactive manner writing code as he explained the topics so there is no slides but you can view the sample code. If your looking for other beginner resources the tutorial in the PHP manual is always a good place to start.

a Short Introduction to PEAR

I the presentation about PEAR, its was a shorter presentation since the first one went a little over its planned time. I tried to focus mainly on what PEAR is and why people should use it over something like hotscripts.

The slides from that presentation are available in my archive.

Towards the end of the presentation I mention channels and phar two new PEAR 1.4.0 features, but the slides don’t give any details. Greg Beavers blog is a good source of information about both topics.

Greg’s introductory post to using a phar for the pear installer.

PEAR manual information about channels.

I also found someone to take over setting up the new azPHP website, so hopefully will look a lot less dead a week from now.

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5 thoughts on “azPHP August meeting wrap up: Beginners Guide to PHP + a Short Introduction to PEAR”

  1. just took a look at alex’ presentation (especially mysql_demo.phps) and wanted to tell the readers to be careful by using the attribute


    within the form tags due to the possible xss vulnerabilty. just look at“>screwed%20up

    you may want to use getenv(‘SCRIPT_NAME’) instead?
    or (a little bit dirty) just action=”?”

  2. the php-tags were killed by the blog software.

    alex used $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] in order to address the form. just wanted to quote him.

    the prepared link won’t work because of the curly quotes (they deserve to suffer in hell).

  3. penizillin:
    Thats a good point, there are lots of security considerations in even simple software, and its something we didn’t get into at all. Hopefully we can get some security presentations on the menu. We just need to get someone to commit to doing one.

  4. i would sincerely like to share my experience on that topic or just discuss with other interested developers about such issues, but it’s not easy to fly over from cologne to boston just in order to take part in one of these meetings.

  5. Were in Phoenix actually, but I understand the problem. The Boston PHP users group wanted me to talk about AJAX and I can’t go there. One option of course is to do remote presentations. I did one for the Frankfurt PHP users group, and it works ok, but I don’t think its near as nice as being there in person.

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