AZPhp Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 4th tuesday so it will be soon time for an evening of PHP fun.

The main presentation will be a “Beginners Guide to PHP” by Alex Dean so make sure to invite anyone you know who is interested in getting started with PHP.
Along those same lines I’ll be giving a short Introduction to PEAR, and if there is some extra time going over the plans for the new website.

You can get the location from the groups website (yes were working on one that doesn’t suck), and as always if you have any questions, the mailing list is a great place to start.

The Schedule:
Tuesday August 23
7:00 – PHP news for 15 minutes
7:15 – Beginners Guide to PHP by Alex Dean
8:00 – Introduction to PEAR and the Group Website by Joshua Eichorn
8:45 – QA Session
9:30ish – Social Hour(s) at Old Chicago

Hope to see you all there