Frankfurt PHP Users Group AJAX Presentation Wrapup

I just finished a short presentation for the the Frankfurt PHP users group . I’m not sure thats its the best presentation i’ve ever given since I tried to do mainly a overview of the tech as well as a bit of talk on how it relates to flash.

Might have been easier just to go the normal route and show a bunch of code :-). Anyhow the technology worked pretty well for the slides but showing web pages didn’t work right at all.

I have the slides online, if your more interested in getting started playing around with AJAX one of these AJAX tutorials might be a better fit.

Also HTML_AJAX is approved and the first release has been made, i’ll be getting more docs up shortly.

5 thoughts on “Frankfurt PHP Users Group AJAX Presentation Wrapup”

  1. Thanks for the presentation. We had a presentation on using Flash/Flex with PHP a couple months ago, so your overview of the Flash technology was very interesting as well.

    Thanks for taking the time 🙂

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